Stylish Academic Writing with Ease

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  • Give you the recipe so that you can develop the academic writing style fast and with ease
  • Provide you with a framework on how to tell a convincing scientific story so that you can win the reviewers over
  • Help you understand how the research publication works so that you can increase your chance of paper acceptance
  • Provide you with my efficient writing system and ways to overcome writing obstacles

Who is this for?

  • Clinicians who want to publish more papers so that they can build their authority and increase their earning potential by climbing the career ladder
  • You have completed projects, but can't seem to get your writing done
  • You love coming up with ideas and planning, but writing takes away all the joy
  • You want to improve the craft of academic writing so that your paper gets accepted
  • You want to learn how to navigate the publication process so that your paper gets accepted
  • You want to publish more papers without sacrificing your personal time

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Important writing mindset for a successful publishing record.
  • Learn all the elements of good academic writing so that you can improve your writing skills and decode vague feedback from your supervisor
  • A well-written research paper that flows well and has a central scientific story
  • Complete your paper faster by using the efficient writing system and by overcoming writing obstacles
  • Navigate the publication process so that you can choose the right journal and maximize the chance of publication
  • Achieve scholarly productivity without sacrificing your life


  • Short video lessons (~5-15 min), each with a powerful lesson that you can implement immediately
  • Plenty of examples from real research papers (both good and bad)
  • Drills to help you accelerate your writing skills


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3 month payments


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