I'm Dr. Jia Ng

nephrologist and researcher

After completing my research fellowship and masters of science in clinical epidemiology, I came out with ZERO publications. I struggled with academic writing and did not know how to navigate the publication process. All the time learning about research was going to waste.

I had a second chance when I joined an academic clinician practice. This time, I wanted to thrive, not just survive. So, I invested in books, courses and coaching to improve my academic writing. With the help of all of my mentors and coaches, I was finally able to bring my research work to the finish line, publishing 15 peer-reviewed papers within 2 years

Now, my goal is to provide a roadmap for the ambitious clinician who is ready to get that publication


I will share my experiences, strategies, and what I have learned from my mentors and coaches
I will share my mistakes so that you don’t have to make them
I will show you my strategies on managing multiple research projects. No, it does not involve nights/weekends
I GET YOU. Because I was just in your shoes 2 years ago, the pain and the struggles still feel raw to me.
Together, we’ll clarify your goals and unlock the doors to your academic success
You will take less time to reach your goals

"After coaching, I was able to say yes to a potential article collaboration. Before, I would have felt it was difficult, and said no or waited too long."

- K.A. Nephrology Physician

"The group coaching session felt very relatable and offered insight into much needed valuable resources"

- N.A. Internal Medicine Physician

"She has the ability to make concepts easier to digest"

- G.A. Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Jia Ng's Publications

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